Loading unit for test setups

Simulation of consumers

With a load unit a consumer can be simulated in a test setup. In this way different currents can flow in a controlled manner.

The BETESO load unit from has the following functions:

  • a temperature monitoring, which sends a digital signal to the measuring computer
  • a digital input for switching the unit on and off
  • a digital input for switching between 80 and 40 Ohm
  • permanent, active cooling

Technical specifications:

  • low inductive resistive load from two strings with 80 Ohm each
  • 16 series connected resistors with 5 Ohm
  • maximum power dissipation of 100 W
  • galvanic isolation between control and load circuit
  • flexible use: individually or in combination with a transformer
Kühlkörper einer Belastungseinheit für Testaufbauten
Belastungseinheit für Testaufbauten
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