Industry 4.0
New possibilities with BETESO

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Dear customer,

we at BETESO are also getting prepared for Industry 4.0. In the future, our products will be able to be networked with modern information and communication technology so that you can automate your production as far as possible and thus optimize your value-added chain.


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New interfaces for transformers

We are upgrading our interfaces so that our transformers can be automated in line with Industry 4.0! Instead of the previous analogue interfaces, we will be able to offer different interfaces according to your requirements. With an update of the software, endurance tests or driving ramps are then also possible.

Higher accuracy

In addition, our transformers will be more accurate in future. The digital displays achieve an accuracy of up to 0.2 %, the setting can be made to an accuracy of 0.5 %. If you require a higher accuracy, we can offer an output accuracy of up to 0.001 %.

Plasma ignition source new in our product range

Brand new in the product range of BETESO is our PlasmaPower Conditioner Tool. It serves as plasma ignition source for scanning electron microscopes and generates the ignition voltage for a FIB module (Focused Ion Beam). For example, the sample surface can be pretreated with plasma.