Simple voltage display with EA-eDip240

We at BETESO are currently working on a few changes for a transformer. These changes are customer-specific. It is a 3-phase transformer which delivers 40kVA apparent power. The customer wants a pure DC output. The device has been designed so that the DC output can deliver 1000V and up to 20A. This results in an effective power of 20kW!

It was important to the customer that a large, easily readable display for the output voltage was available. For this reason we have realized such a display based on an LC display (EA-eDip240): A few hours of work and 1 litre of coffee later the result can be seen. The display is controlled via I²C.

Furthermore, with the reimplementation of this voltage display, the old code base, which was implemented in Basic (bascom), was finally transferred to C. As compiler the AVR-GCC is used. The core is an Atmega644P.

Spannungsanzeige mit EA-eDip240

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